Empowering Christian leaders to spread the Gospel
    through Social Media. We have a passion for the Internet and
    Social Media and would like to share this with all Christians a like.
    We believe it to be a strong tool that should be used to spread
    the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Therefore we encourage, empower and assist Christians to get their churches and organisations involved in this
    phenomenon called the Internet and Social Media.


    At Digital4Christ we make it our mission to assist Christian and
    other Non-profit Organisations to utilise Social Media and the Internet as best they can. Our knowledge and experience in this regard is therefore most valuable when assisting any organisation.

    The value of using social media will be seen shortly after commencing with this fun and exciting way of connecting people.


    Hardly a day goes by that we don't hear something about social media in the news. How can this powerful platform be used to spread the Gospel and empower ministers, youth leaders and others that run Christian organisations? Maybe you have a Facebook page or a Twitter account but don't know how to get the best out of it. At Digital4Christ, we make it our mission to assist Christian and other Non-profit Organisations to utilise Social Media and the Internet as best they can.


    Japie is the founder of Interactive Concepts, an online strategy company based in Cape Town with operations in Johannesburg and Nairobi. His true passion is guiding Christian organisations to use the internet more efficiently and helping Africa’s citizens empower themselves through self employment and entrepreneurship, as a result Digital4Christ was birthed.

How it started

The concept Digital4Christ was birthed in the second half of 2010 when Japie Swanepoel of Interactive Concepts felt compelled to share his knowledge and understanding of the Internet and Social Media. Japie specifically wanted to share this with Ministries; Churches; Christian Organisations and Christian Youth Groups. And so, Digital4Christ came to light. The name “Digital4Christ” reflects the digital age in which we live in and bringing it together in a Christian context to the Glory of God. The number 4 symbolizes the cross as well as making clear what the content would entail.

Lets be Social

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